Solo exhibition
Galeria ArtexArte, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2004

Image-Code proposes a series of digital assemblages based on images gathered under a keyword on Google which had recently launched its image-search function in 2003. The intention is to create a portrait of the Internet at a given time using the search word as a trigger. Since anything can be searched, the importance of the selection of such keywords becomes key.

Using a constructive method, I download all images from a single search and laid them side by side, waiting until the last fragment is positioned in order to create an image equivalent to the given word. Impossible to know what the final image would look like, the result of a process of search, copy, paste, and rational positioning within a grid becomes the crux of the project.

The resulting images reveal a visual pattern of endless repetition that yields a fractal image and the futile attempt to create a portrait of a structure, the Internet, which is formless and only manifests itself through its fragments. How we codify and arrange these images is an attempt at uncovering the meaning behind a certain grouping of images, if any.