IDA – the Institute for the Decolonization of Art

IDA works with issues related to the knowledge structures and knowledge production and as a method for decolonisation within contemporary art. The collective organizes workshops, actions and is currently preparing a pre-study for a future museum of diaspora in Sweden.

IDA is a collaboration between Estella Burga (artist and producer), Macarena Dusant (art historian and writer) and Isabel Löfgren (artist and researcher). We have all experienced migration and transculturality personally, what is means to be foreign and to become assimilated.

IDA works paradoxically by connotating, in Swedish, a woman’s name “Ida” and in Spanish and Portuguese, relating to a spatial direction able to come back: ida y vuelta/ida e volta. The latter carries a thought of a bumerangian quality: to project onto something and then return. People with double identities always find themselves back to an in-between state and back into a foreignness.