Drawings, objects, and video installation, and ongoing series of explorations
“Operation Automaton” group exhibition at Night&Day Gallery, Singapore, 2009
Curator: Jeremy Fernando

This is an ongoing process of experimentation with topological forms such as the Mobius strip, in automated and conceptual gestures.

In a discussion with a rocket scientist/physicist about topology, science and philosophy, he explained to me that there is no such thing in science as images of topological forms. In science, topology is expressed in equations and calculus loops, but the images of mobius strips, torii, and Klein bottles are visual hypotheses of one possible instance in topology. Philosophy, he argued, appropriates such models in order to create a representation of the seat of neurosis, as in Lacan, or as a visual metaphor in understanding relationships and de-territorialization, as in Baudrillard, Lyotard, and Deleuze.

Comforted by the thought that the topological forms I was interested in were really only visually possible as representations, I then explored the form of the mobius strip as a construction of lines that meet and intersect to form a shape which alludes to the qualities of an unreal, indefinite and impossible space.

By automating the procedure of drawing one line continuously on paper until the material (and the body) is exhausted, I invoke a work by Brazilian artist Lygia Clark, whose seminal work Caminhando (1964) was the linchpin for her to transcend materiality in her work towards the psychological and immaterial.

In a different manner, I take the möbius strip and automate its shape from the drawing of a single line that is further developed into sculptures, text-based pieces, objects and ultimately a video representing a voyage as if travelling inside a mobius strip in an infinite loop.

“Löfgren’s work involved the repeated drawing of a Möbius strip, until such point where the body automatically takes over, and cognition fades into the background.” – Jeremy Fernando

extract from review of the exhibition by Jeremy Fernando, Jean Baudrillard Fellow at the European Graduate School

with the collaboration of artist Marina Milosavljevic

Patrick & Monica Donaldson Collection, Singapore