Exhibition View “Accumulations” – Galeria Art Lounge, Lisbon Portugal, 2006


Generative Photography
Solo shows:
Galeria do Ateliê, 2005, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Galeria ArtLounge, 2006, Lisbon, Portugal

The Internet is an endless source for the resignification of images that stream in an endless re-circulation process.

Using mosaic tiling open-source programs easily found on the Internet, I generate composite photographs of situations showing accumulations of clouds, crowds or construction – images that ‘accumulate’ smaller particles, discernible in ‘atomic’ bits – in this case, these ‘bits’ are images that are easily found through a google search online.

The images are created with images searched directly on Google image-search. Each piece is titled with the keyword that generated the flow of images on the search engine.The resulting works propose a redefinition of landscape imagery in the search terms that are proposed.

The overall image is also appropriated from the Internet itself, creating a self-referential fully digital image, without the image ever have been touched by or resulting in, a real perceivable situation. It is photography that doesn’t use a camera, but instead uses the network apparatus of image circulation in its process of becoming-image.

The title of the works gives away the search term which has the function to populate the overall image and questions the indexical nature of a photograph, whose referent has now changed due to its digital nature.