new media, art and revolution

Posted on Mar 9, 2011

This is a beautiful life story of Ahmed Basiony in the article “At the frontline of the arts and revolution”.

Read the article in Nafas Art Magazine

Having recently moved from Asia, my knowledge of the Middle East and of its art scene is very limited. It saddens me to know about this incredible new media/sound artist only now. It is heartbreaking to see his Facebook page and to read his very last statements before he was fatally wounded by the police in Cairo.

For me this is incredible material for one of my projects called ‘Blackout’  – exactly about art and revolution, but how new media and the culture of new media shape a new language of affirmation of the self and of society. I am looking for sheer poetry in what Agamben calls ‘states of exception’. Basiony is an inspiration.

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