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Posted on Mar 8, 2011

Collaborative video and music. Blending authorship and distribution strictly via net and creating social gatherings all over the world. Some might say it’s a viral thing. For me it is a clever way to create alternative circuits for art making, art viewing, and DIY distribution. As with any self-financed project coupled with a great idea, this is by no means a new way of promoting a film, but it’s all in how you present it to the public and what they can do with it. The eye is on the public.

My interest is in this networked aspect but also the title is enticing. I am now writing a project about islands – this definitely goes onto my list of top references.

“An Island is an unconventional music performance film and an abstract documentary about a band and an island. The running time is 50 minutes.

An Island will premiere February 1st 2011 around the world through what the band and director call Private-Public Screenings. Anyone can host a Private-Public Screening and the rules are very simple. The screening needs to be public, have a minimum capacity of 5 people and free entrance.”

Is the film any good, though?

[vimeo 18622678 w=400 h=225]<p><a href=”″>AN ISLAND – 3rd TEASER – Vincent Moon & Efterklang</a> from <a href=””>Rumraket</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

Article on the Guardian


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  1. Vijai
    March 18, 2011

    Saw the music video, I wouldn’t call it a “abstract documentary” or a “unconventional music performance” its not that abstract and not so unconventional I would say. Its more like a very long music video of all the tracks of an album. It reminded me of Sigur Ros Hemma, which I would say is much better, without the interview bits. This is also a little cheesy I would say with all the kids singing in chorus and teenagers singing “I don’t need a gun or a dream to grow up…”


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